What 3 things to look for in a criminal defense attorney in Georgia

On Behalf of | Apr 4, 2024 | Criminal defense

Most people hope to never require the services of a criminal defense attorney. They do their best to abide by federal laws and all Georgia state statutes. Even those who occasionally break the law may not anticipate getting arrested, as most law enforcement efforts are sporadic at best.

People accused of violations ranging from drunk driving to drug crimes and embezzlement may need help when responding to their pending charges. A criminal defense attorney can have a major impact on the outcome of someone’s trial. The following factors can help to determine who might be the best candidate to serve as a criminal defense attorney for a specific case.

Criminal defense specialization

There are many different areas of criminal law in Georgia, and many attorneys primarily focus on supporting specific types of defendants. Some defense attorneys only handle white-collar crimes, while others may prioritize impaired driving offenses and traffic violations. Lawyers need to be familiar with all relevant statutes and also any pertinent court precedents. Looking into the types of cases a lawyer has handled before and their area of specialization can help someone choose the right lawyer.

Outcomes when taking cases to trial

Defense attorneys don’t always have much experience actually taking cases to trial. Only a small percentage of criminal defendants try to prove their innocence in court. Discussing a lawyer’s background and how many cases they have successfully tried can be an important consideration. Someone who only has experience negotiating plea deals may not offer the best representation during a trial.

Personality and values

Someone may spend many hours talking with their criminal defense attorney and preparing to go to court. Having a lawyer with similar personal values and the right bedside manner can make all the difference for someone in a stressful situation. An initial consultation can help a defendant evaluate whether a particular lawyer aligns with their personality and sense of ethics. There are other factors that should not have much bearing on the decision. Cost is often one of the first questions people bring up, but a successful defense is worth the investments. The number of cases they currently have to handle can be a more important consideration.

Given the impact that a criminal conviction could have on someone’s relationships, education and career prospects, having the right support when responding to pending criminal charges is critically important. Those who take the time to find the right defense attorney may have a better chance at overcoming the criminal charges they currently face.