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Traffic laws people break every day

Even those who consider themselves law-abiding citizens may actually be breaking the law every day. That's why it's such a shock when those red and blue flashing lights show up in your rear-view mirror. Technically, you may have known you were breaking the law, but you never thought you'd get caught.

Take speeding, for example. Even the best drivers exceed the speed limit on occasion. A lot of people do it every time they drive. Maybe you don't even notice that you're going 40 mph in a 35-mph zone. Maybe you intentionally drive 60 mph in a 55-mph zone, even going so far as to set your cruise control. It just feels natural.

What does attorney-client privilege mean? Is it dead?

Whenever a legal topic is in the news, it may be the first time that some audience members have heard of it. Because misinformation can spread easily over the internet, it is important to understand your rights and privileges as an American.

Recently, President Trump has accused the FBI of breaching his attorney-client privilege in response to the raid of his lawyer. Although presidents have a special civic status, attorney-client privilege is a protection that every citizen can have – up to a certain point.

It's not just teens who text and drive -- Adults do it, too

Commercials campaigning against texting and driving often feature teenage drivers. If you ask someone to describe a cliche distracted driver, they'll probably describe an inexperienced young person.

Certainly, there's a danger from young drivers who text and drive, but it is very important to remember that this danger exists for everyone. Adults also text and drive. Distraction is a problem for every age group.

Can you borrow drugs without a prescription?

When you think of prescription drug charges, you imagine a deal in a back alley somewhere, as you clearly try to buy medications that the authorities do not want you to own. You know it's against the law.

But what about borrowing some medication from a friend or a family member? What about a teenager who gets some painkillers -- which were legally prescribed, after all -- out of a parent's purse or medicine cabinet? What if you ask your college roommate if you can have the leftover medications that he or she did not finish after a real medical situation made them necessary?

Jets player and former West Georgia star arrested for DUI

Dylan Donahue, who played his college ball at West Georgia before he was picked up by the New York Jets in the fifth round of the National Football League (NFL) draft, is headed to rehab. He was arrested for driving under the influence twice before this move. Both arrests happened within 12 months.

Donahue is just 25 years old. The latest arrest happened on Feb. 26. Police claim that he was going through the Lincoln Tunnel, driving the wrong direction, when he slammed into a jitney bus. Four people were hurt in the crash, and he will head to court in April.

6 tips that may save a jogger's life

Jogging is great for your health, keeping you in shape and keeping your weight down. However, it also comes with some significant hazards when you run near roads and traffic. Pedestrian accidents carry a very high risk of becoming fatal, and even low-speed accidents can lead to significant injuries.

With that in mind, here are six tips that can help you stay safe:

  1. Always focus on visibility. Remember that drivers don't automatically look for people. They look for other cars. Wear bright clothes so that they see you.
  2. Reduce jogging distractions. You may enjoy listening to music while you run, but it can increase the risk because you don't notice as quickly when drivers make mistakes.
  3. Never make assumptions. Always operate as though a driver has not seen you, even if you think he or she should have seen you. You may have the right of way, but don't end up in the hospital because of it.
  4. Don't run at night or in the early morning. These may be the most convenient times, but you're more visible when it's light out.
  5. Keep your eyes on traffic whenever possible. Watch for drivers who drive erratically and make mistakes, even before they get close to you.
  6. Run with a phone or another person. If you do get hit, you can quickly call 911, or your friend can do it for you. Prepare for the worst and hope you'll never need to do it.

Why does Georgia require a lawyer for real estate transactions?

While the process for buying and selling property has become fairly standardized it can still be a confusing process for the inexperienced. Forms must be filled out in precisely the right way and there are specific processes that must be completed. Having a real estate attorney to oversee the transaction is not only required, but it benefits both the buyer and seller as well.

Many hands in the pot

Are seat belt laws constitutional?

Much of the Constitution is geared around guaranteeing the personal freedoms of people in the United States.

As such, it has been argued that seat belt laws are unconstitutional. Shouldn't people have a right to decide for themselves if they want to wear a belt or not? Isn't it merely a personal safety issue? Doesn't a person have a right to privacy in his or her own car? What right does the government have to tell a person in a private vehicle what he or she must do to stay safe, and what right do police officers have to hand out tickets and fines for a violation?

Man dies in fiery head-on accident

One man in Georgia has passed away after being involved in a head-on crash that left at least one vehicle burning on the side of the road. Pictures show the car going up in flames while sitting next to a mailbox. Firetrucks and emergency workers can be seen in the background.

According to reports, one man was driving down Highway 80, and a UPS truck was coming toward him. A second vehicle was behind that delivery truck.

You may need a traffic attorney if …

Traffic violations happen every minute of every day. Most don't result in a ticket. Police can't be everywhere. Some drivers do get tagged, though, and if you happen to be one who hears the whoop-whoop of a siren and sees the flashing lights of a squad vehicle in your mirror, it's a good idea to take the matter seriously.

While violations alleged are usually minor in nature, the consequences if you plead guilty or are found guilty can be significant. That is why when you receive a ticket, your wisest first move would be to consult with an experienced attorney.