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William Long Whitesell is a long-term counselor, adviser and active member of the community.

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Fighting To Defend Your Rights And Your Future In Criminal Cases

If you or someone you love is being accused of a crime, it can be difficult to know where to turn. Protecting your rights, your best interests and your future may be front and center in your mind, but where do you begin? Who should you talk to first?

At William Long Whitesell, L.L.C., we provide trustworthy counsel and experienced guidance through a variety of criminal matters. Our lead attorney, William Long Whitesell, is an active member in the Valdosta community, and he has been serving it and surrounding areas in Georgia since 2001. If you have concerns about how a criminal charge could or will impact your life and future, turn to an attorney who will guide you through every step, start to finish.

Strong, Trustworthy Guidance At Every Step, No Matter The Charge

At William Long Whitesell, L.L.C., we know the true vastness of the criminal code and how even misdemeanor offenses can have a serious impact on a person’s life. As such, we passionately defend our clients against a wide range of criminal charges, including:

  • DUI – In addition to handling our firm’s criminal defense practice, attorney William Long Whitesell also serves as the solicitor of the city of Remerton, where he has handled hundreds of DUI cases. His nearly 20 years of experience – both prosecuting and defending DUI defendants – improve his perspective on each case, allowing him to build the strongest possible defense for our clients.
  • Drug charges – Our firm represents people accused of possession, distribution and trafficking of controlled substances. With nearly 20 years of experience, Mr. Whitesell is an effective, tenacious advocate in negotiations and in court.
  • Traffic violations – A traffic ticket may seem minor, but it can have significant consequences for your driving privileges and insurance rates. Our nearly 20 years of experience and knowledge of Georgia courts make us a valuable resource for out-of-state drivers and commercial drivers who are pulled over on Georgia roads.
  • Property crimes – We provide a strong defense for people accused of theft-related crimes, including robbery, burglary and shoplifting.
  • Violent crimes – Crimes involving violence against another person are taken very seriously by courts and prosecutors. We have helped many clients successfully fight charges of domestic violence, assault and battery.

We also represent people facing probation revocation after an alleged violation. We do not leave you to handle any subsequent legal matters on your own; we are proud to be here for our clients for the long term.

Contact A Criminal Defense Lawyer With A Track Record Of Success

In criminal law matters, it is essential to speak with an attorney as soon as you know you are facing allegations. The sooner you secure representation, the sooner we can begin preserving important evidence, protecting your interests and revealing the full story. Mr. Whitesell is timely in his responses, and he is quick to get to work defending your rights and best interests. His track record of success is a testament to his hard work and dedication to his clients and securing the best possible result in a case.

Contact us online or call 229-244-9808 to arrange an appointment at your earliest convenience. During our free initial consultation, we will help you understand the charges you are facing, work with you to build a sound strategy and immediately get to work to protect your rights and improve your situation.