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Minimizing The Consequences Of Traffic Offenses

Everybody makes mistakes. At one point or another, nearly everyone gets a traffic ticket for a violation such as speeding or missing a stop sign. Some people find themselves facing more serious charges such as reckless driving or driving with a suspended license. While traffic violations or speeding tickets may seem minor, it is still wise to speak to an attorney before paying a fine, giving any kind of statement or accepting a deal from a prosecutor.

The infraction may have consequences that affect your record, driver’s license and insurance, so consider speaking with a knowledgeable traffic violation defense lawyer like William Long Whitesell. Our firm has helped people throughout Southern Georgia minimize the negative consequences of traffic violations for nearly 20 years.

Knowledgeable Guidance For Out-Of-State Drivers

William Long Whitesell, has practiced law in Georgia since 2001, and he is very familiar with how prosecutors handle traffic matters in court. If you are from another state and have been ticketed for a traffic offense in Georgia, we can represent you locally. In most cases, you will not even have to return to the state.

It is essential to have an attorney who knows the law in the area where you were stopped. For example, Georgia’s ‘Super Speeder Law’ allows the state to collect an additional fine if you exceed the speed limit by a certain amount, and speeding over a certain amount can result in more points on your license. Often, retaining an attorney is enough to convince a prosecutor to downgrade the offense and mitigate the consequences.

When you drive for a living, a simple infraction can make it difficult to secure and keep the job you want. We frequently represent commercial truck drivers, helping them protect their licenses and careers.

Get An Aggressive Lawyer On Your Side

We are caring in the conference room but aggressive in court, and we don’t stop fighting for our clients until we have secured the best possible result. To learn more about our criminal defense practice and schedule a free consultation, please contact us at 229-244-9808.