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Helping You Proactively Prepare For The Future

For many people, thinking about what will happen after their passing is a difficult topic to confront. However, avoiding this subject can lead to confusion and even conflict as your family attempts to sort out matters related to your wishes, finances and personal property.

At William Long Whitesell, L.L.C., our lead attorney, William Long Whitesell, can help you proactively plan for your future by creating everything from a will to a trust and everything in between. He understands the importance of creating estate plans that utilize a wide range of tools in order to address a family’s generational needs. Our lives can change in an instant, and Mr. Whitesell wants to make sure your estate plan accounts for that.

The Benefits Of Creating A Will

A will offers legal protection for your wishes, your family and your property. Several benefits of creating a last will and testament include:

  • Ensuring your wishes are documented and carried out
  • Designating a guardian for minor-aged children
  • Avoiding unnecessary confusion or challenges in a future probate process
  • Determining how your property will be distributed
  • Preparing for the unknown

By creating a will, you can guard against uncertainty and feel at ease knowing your loved ones are protected. We can assist in drafting a will according to your unique goals. As your life progresses, circumstances and needs change. We can also help you make revisions to your will.

What Happens When You Die Without A Will?

Without a will, the state of Georgia decides the fate of your property and assets according to state laws. Dying without a will is known as dying intestate. Intestacy laws can be complex, and the process of distributing your assets is often more time-consuming and costly for your loved ones.

Sound Guidance Throughout The Probate Process

Whether your loved one died with or without a will, Mr. Whitesell can assist you and your family throughout the estate administration and probate process. We represent executors, beneficiaries and heirs – helping them navigate all related rules, regulations and requirements. In working with executors or personal representatives, we strive to execute the wishes of the deceased as efficiently and diligently as possible.

Put Nearly Two Decades Of Experience In Your Corner

An active member in the Valdosta community, Mr. Whitesell understands how important family is to the community he serves and how important it is to provide generational protection against contentious probate and costly litigation. With nearly 20 years of experience, he will provide you with the trustworthy, knowledgeable guidance you need to address and resolve what are oftentimes emotional and sensitive matters.

Whether you need to create a will or complete the probate process, we offer the experienced assistance you need. Learn how we can help by scheduling a free initial consultation at our Valdosta office. Call 229-244-9808 or send us an email.