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Federal crime and safety task force urges caution on marijuana

The presidential Task Force on Crime Reduction and Public Safety, led by Attorney General Jeff Sessions, is urging caution before making any major changes to marijuana policy. It also recommends working collaboratively with the Treasury Department to make banking easier for legal marijuana businesses.

The expectation of privacy can lead to gray areas in the law

The police must get a warrant to carry out an official search in an area where you have an expectation of privacy. With only a few exceptions such as if they think evidence is actively being destroyed, for example, they must have a warrant to search your home.

What happens if you're accused of selling marijuana in Georgia?

Georgia has made some progress in terms of marijuana policy in recent years. There is now a limited medical marijuana program which allows for the treatment of a few severe medical conditions with a very specific form of marijuana oil. Unfortunately, the form of marijuana oil permitted, oils with THC levels of less than 5 percent, may not be medically sufficient for those with intractable epilepsy or other serious conditions. Worse yet, those who make and sell marijuana extracts and concentrates face severe penalties, as do those who sell marijuana in its natural state for illegal recreational use in Georgia.