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Children often fight over land and real estate property

Dividing your assets between your children seems simple at first. You have three kids and $150,000 in the bank. You give them all $50,000. You have another $90,000 in investments, and you send $30,000 to each. You can divide your retirement savings, life insurance and other financial assets equally, helping to prevent any fights and disagreements after you pass away.

What closing costs do you need to pay?

Closing costs sometimes take new home buyers by surprise. They assume they'll need to pay the down payment and make their monthly payments, and that's it. However, though the exact amount that needs to be paid varies with every transaction, buyers can also face significant additional costs at closing.

Is it worth it for you to refinance on your home?

Even though the housing market has somewhat stabilized over the years, many home owners are still concerned that the worst could happen: that they could suddenly lose their job as well as their ability to pay their mortgage, thus leaving their home vulnerable to a short sale or worse, foreclosure.