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6 tips that may save a jogger's life

Jogging is great for your health, keeping you in shape and keeping your weight down. However, it also comes with some significant hazards when you run near roads and traffic. Pedestrian accidents carry a very high risk of becoming fatal, and even low-speed accidents can lead to significant injuries.

Teen dies when utility vehicle wrecks into a lake at midnight

A teenage girl and four other individuals were riding in a utility terrain vehicle in Georgia when it was involved in an accident. The vehicle apparently rolled during the crash, per the Oconee County sheriff, and wound up in a lake.

Deadly accidents are growing more common in Georgia

A lot has been done to prevent deadly car accidents. New cars have a lot of technology, like lane assist systems and blind spot monitoring, to stop crashes from happening. Police have run campaigns to combat dangerous behaviors, like texting and driving or drinking and driving.

Brothers from Georgia Southern University die in wrong-way wreck

Two brothers from Atlanta, who both attended Georgia Southern University, had come home for Thanksgiving. When it came time to drive back to school, they decided to drive late at night in an effort to avoid holiday traffic congestion.

Most pedestrian accidents happen at low speeds

To better get an idea of how pedestrian accidents happen and what role vehicle speed plays in those accidents, researchers broke down the statistics and found that the majority of crashes were at relatively low speeds. A total of 422 accidents were examined and a full 280 of them happened when the cars were going under 20 mph.