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Is your child facing DUI charges?

It's a call you never thought you would get: Your son or daughter was arrested on DUI charges. Your child is only 17 years old, and you never thought he or she had consumed alcohol at all. But now it appears that your child was intoxicated behind the wheel.

Jets player and former West Georgia star arrested for DUI

Dylan Donahue, who played his college ball at West Georgia before he was picked up by the New York Jets in the fifth round of the National Football League (NFL) draft, is headed to rehab. He was arrested for driving under the influence twice before this move. Both arrests happened within 12 months.

Types of field sobriety tests issued by officers

Police officers are trained on what to look for regarding potential drunk driving situations on the roads of Valdosta, Georgia. If an officer has reason to believe that you have been driving under the influence, you will likely be subjected to a field sobriety test. There are a few different tests used by officers, each of which takes a look at different areas of your body.

Georgia official accused of DUI with moonshine in Corvette

The Deputy Commissioner of the Georgia Department of Natural Resources has run into some trouble with the law. He's facing potential DUI charges. Two different investigations are being carried out by the authorities to get to the bottom of a rather complex situation.