Your insurance rate will increase with speeding violations

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The State of Georgia is unique in that it has a specially-designated law for those who speed excessively beyond the posted speed limit. Known as the Georgia Super Speeder law, this law penalizes drivers by imposing an additional fine and possibly higher car insurance rates.


HB160: What Georgia drivers need to know about the Super Speeder Law

HB160 recognizes that excessive speeding is a different violation than reckless driving. The bill was approved by the Georgia state legislature and signed into law in 2010. This law allows police officers and other law enforcement officials in Georgia to fine drivers for excessive speeding, but the definition of “excessive” depends upon road conditions and posted speeds. Drivers may be subject to receiving a Super Speeder ticket if:

  • They are driving more than 75 miles per hour (mph) on a two-lane road in Georgia.
  • They are driving more than 85 mph or higher on a highway in Georgia.

It is important to note that a Super Speeder ticket is not a different type of citation, rather it’s an administrative fee that is imposed on top of a typical speeding citation. For example, an individual who is pulled over for going 90 miles per hour on a highway is subject to receiving a standard speeding citation that includes points based on the rate of speed as well as a Super Speeder penalty on top of it. 

How the Super Speeder Law impacts car insurance rates in Georgia

Car insurance companies in Georgia and across the country have long looked at the driving record of the individual who is applying for a policy. In general, policy holders who have been cited one or more times for speeding will be forced to pay higher premiums and insurance rates.

Drivers in Georgia who receive a Super Speeder citation will almost certainly face higher insurance rates for a longer period of time. On average, the points associated with speeding tickets and citations will stay on a driver’s record for about three years. Special citations like the Super Speeder will set the driver apart from others and may result in even higher premiums and rates.

Additional fines and penalties associated with the Super Speeder Law

In addition to the higher insurance premiums, drivers who receive a Super Speeder citation in Georgia also may be responsible for additional fees. The state imposes a $200 fee on any driver who receives this citation, and the money collected is used to fund the state’s hospital systems and trauma centers. 

It is worth noting that Georgia has a fee structure for speeding citations that fluctuates based on the driver’s rate of speed and the speed limit of the roadway the driver was on. In the event that a driver was going more than 30 miles over the posted speed limit, their citation combined with the Super Speeder fine could cost close to $900.

Due to this law, Georgia drivers are at an increased risk of being penalized with higher insurance rates than their peers in other nearby states. It is important that anyone driving in Georgia recognizes that they have options available if they are cited with a Super Speeder ticket. 

An individual who receives a Super Speeder fine in Georgia can and should fight this citation in court. Unfortunately, this type of citation can have a lasting impact on an individual’s personal or professional life. In order to avoid those steep and hefty consequences, anyone who is cited with a Super Speeder ticket should contact a qualified defense attorney in Georgia. A defense attorney who understands local law and who has experience with Super Speeder citations can provide you with the results that you need.