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5 excuses people use for texting and driving

Everyone knows that texting and driving is dangerous. It's no secret. They tell young drivers during their training courses, they've made commercials and internet ads, and extensive research shows the risk time and time again.

People do it anyway. This leads to many avoidable accidents each and every year, and these accidents often result in injury and death. To better understand why this happens, here are a few of the most common excuses people give for why they take the risk:

  1. They're good at texting and driving: They claim they have enough experience to do it safety. Many say that multitasking comes easy to them.
  2. The text was urgent: They simply could not wait until they arrived at their destination. Of course, these "urgent" matters often feel very trivial after a car accident.
  3. They were sitting at a red light: These drivers think that it's all right to be distracted if they have their foot on the brakes.
  4. They can text without glancing down at the phone: They think keeping their eyes on the road is enough, even though texting is still mentally distracting and takes one hand off of the steering wheel.
  5. There was no other traffic at the time: They assume it is fine to text because they're only putting themselves in danger. Of course, when another car "comes out of nowhere" you have to wonder if they would have seen it if they hadn't been texting.

If one of these distracted drivers causes an accident that puts you in the hospital, make sure you fully understand all of the legal options you have to seek financial compensation.

Source: Impact Teen Drivers, "Top 5 Excuses for Using Your Smartphone While Driving," Zoe Schuler, accessed June 08, 2018

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