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2 laws Georgia drivers often forget

You can commit traffic violations and get tickets even if you did not know you were breaking the law.

For instance, did you know that Georgia has a law requiring anyone who is driving in an interstate's left lane to move to the right if a car going even faster comes up behind them? This is to prevent rear-end accidents, traffic congestion, road rage and passing on the right.

So, imagine that you are driving along in the left lane in a 70 mph zone. You set your cruise control at 70. When a faster car comes up behind you, you assume you do not have to move out of the way because that car is clearly breaking the speed limit. You're wrong, though. Even though you are following the speed limit perfectly, you could get the ticket if you do not move over and let that car pass on the left.

Another law people often forget is to move over and leave an empty lane next to garbage trucks, tow trucks and other assistance vehicles. If they are on the side of the road or the shoulder, even if the lane you are in is clear, you're not supposed to pass right next to them.

People usually understand that you're supposed to do this with police cars. When an officer has someone pulled over on the right shoulder, you move to the left lane to give them space. The confusion is just that Georgia law also says to do this for assistance vehicles and garbage trucks.

If you do find yourself facing a ticket or even an arrest after a simple mistake, be sure you know what legal options you have.

Source: Northwest Georgia News, "11 Georgia laws drivers don't know exist," Lauren McDonald, accessed June 01, 2018

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