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Is your child facing DUI charges?

It's a call you never thought you would get: Your son or daughter was arrested on DUI charges. Your child is only 17 years old, and you never thought he or she had consumed alcohol at all. But now it appears that your child was intoxicated behind the wheel.

It's more common than many parents realize. For instance, here are a few important facts:

  • On average, a girl has her first alcoholic drink when she is 13 years old. For boys, it's even younger, with the average coming in at 11 years old.
  • When high school seniors were asked if they had ever consumed enough alcohol to be drunk -- going past just having one drink -- more than 50 percent said they had.
  • Reports show that 11,318 teens have their first drink, every single day.
  • Underage drinking is so common that around 3 million teenagers actually qualify as alcoholics.
  • If a child starts drinking before he or she is 15 years old, that person is four times as likely to face alcohol addiction and dependency. This is compared to those who put off drinking until the legal age of 21.
  • Statistics show that most people in the United States participate in the heaviest drinking of their lives in their early twenties and their teens. After that, the amount of alcohol use actually starts dropping again.

As shocked as you may feel, it is time to focus on the future. What impact is this arrest going to have on your child's life? Make sure that you both know all of your legal defense options.

Source: Learn About Alcoholism, "Statistics Teenage Drunk Driving," accessed May 04, 2018

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