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It's not just teens who text and drive -- Adults do it, too

Commercials campaigning against texting and driving often feature teenage drivers. If you ask someone to describe a cliche distracted driver, they'll probably describe an inexperienced young person.

Certainly, there's a danger from young drivers who text and drive, but it is very important to remember that this danger exists for everyone. Adults also text and drive. Distraction is a problem for every age group.

For instance, one woman ran her own business, so she often got texts from clients. She usually pulled over to the side of the road, out of traffic, before texting.

One time, though, she got a return text just after sending a message. She didn't want to check the phone, but it was buzzing and she couldn't bring herself to ignore it. She knew it was a client and her business was important.

She picked up her phone and read the text. She didn't send anything back, but just reading it took her eyes off of the road long enough that she didn't see a man driving a tractor and a tiller along the shoulder. She tried to swerve, but it was too late and she hit the back of the tiller.

The man on the tractor was 75 years old. He was a father. He was a grandfather.

Tragically, the impact threw him from the vehicle. He was seriously injured and passed away at the crash scene before emergency crews could even get him to a medical center.

Even just reading a text message is enough to massively increase the odds of a car accident. That's true for people of all ages. When individuals are seriously injured or killed, it is very important for family members to know all of their legal options.

Source: CNN, "Driving While Distracted: Parents do it, too," Kelly Wallace, accessed April 12, 2018

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