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Jets player and former West Georgia star arrested for DUI

Dylan Donahue, who played his college ball at West Georgia before he was picked up by the New York Jets in the fifth round of the National Football League (NFL) draft, is headed to rehab. He was arrested for driving under the influence twice before this move. Both arrests happened within 12 months.

Donahue is just 25 years old. The latest arrest happened on Feb. 26. Police claim that he was going through the Lincoln Tunnel, driving the wrong direction, when he slammed into a jitney bus. Four people were hurt in the crash, and he will head to court in April.

After that crash, he voluntary went to a rehab center. His agent said he knows how serious the situation is and he is focused on his health. They hope that the stay in rehab will allow him to overcome any addiction issues he's facing and get healthy again.

Donahue is from Billings, Montana. He got drafted by New York in 2017. Ten days later, while in his hometown, he got the first DUI. He has claimed he's not guilty, and that case is still playing out. He has a court date for that incident on April 3, before his April 11 court appearance for the bus accident.

Donahue had five tackles in four games for the Jets, as a rookie. He is still on the roster despite these recent arrests.

Professional athletes and others in high-profile occupations must know that DUI arrests come with unintended consequences -- negative press, for instance, and a potential impact on future career opportunities. That's why it's so important for them to know all of the legal options they have.

Source: Flathead Beacon, "Jets’ Dylan Donahue Checked Into Rehab After 2 DUI Arrests," Amy Hanson, March 21, 2018

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