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6 tips that may save a jogger's life

Jogging is great for your health, keeping you in shape and keeping your weight down. However, it also comes with some significant hazards when you run near roads and traffic. Pedestrian accidents carry a very high risk of becoming fatal, and even low-speed accidents can lead to significant injuries.

With that in mind, here are six tips that can help you stay safe:

  1. Always focus on visibility. Remember that drivers don't automatically look for people. They look for other cars. Wear bright clothes so that they see you.
  2. Reduce jogging distractions. You may enjoy listening to music while you run, but it can increase the risk because you don't notice as quickly when drivers make mistakes.
  3. Never make assumptions. Always operate as though a driver has not seen you, even if you think he or she should have seen you. You may have the right of way, but don't end up in the hospital because of it.
  4. Don't run at night or in the early morning. These may be the most convenient times, but you're more visible when it's light out.
  5. Keep your eyes on traffic whenever possible. Watch for drivers who drive erratically and make mistakes, even before they get close to you.
  6. Run with a phone or another person. If you do get hit, you can quickly call 911, or your friend can do it for you. Prepare for the worst and hope you'll never need to do it.

If an accident does happen, you may face high medical bills and lost wages. Be sure you know all of your legal options to seek compensation.

Source: Breaking Muscle, "11 Potentially Life-Saving Tips for Staying Safe While Running," Amy D. Hester, accessed March 21, 2018

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