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March 2018 Archives

Jets player and former West Georgia star arrested for DUI

Dylan Donahue, who played his college ball at West Georgia before he was picked up by the New York Jets in the fifth round of the National Football League (NFL) draft, is headed to rehab. He was arrested for driving under the influence twice before this move. Both arrests happened within 12 months.

6 tips that may save a jogger's life

Jogging is great for your health, keeping you in shape and keeping your weight down. However, it also comes with some significant hazards when you run near roads and traffic. Pedestrian accidents carry a very high risk of becoming fatal, and even low-speed accidents can lead to significant injuries.

Why does Georgia require a lawyer for real estate transactions?

While the process for buying and selling property has become fairly standardized it can still be a confusing process for the inexperienced. Forms must be filled out in precisely the right way and there are specific processes that must be completed. Having a real estate attorney to oversee the transaction is not only required, but it benefits both the buyer and seller as well.

You may need a traffic attorney if …

Traffic violations happen every minute of every day. Most don't result in a ticket. Police can't be everywhere. Some drivers do get tagged, though, and if you happen to be one who hears the whoop-whoop of a siren and sees the flashing lights of a squad vehicle in your mirror, it's a good idea to take the matter seriously.