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The threat of the bored driver

by | Sep 8, 2017 | Personal injury, Traffic

But what about the bored driver? Some studies have found that they could be the most dangerous of all.

For one thing, those who were bored were not as engaged with the task at hand, which led to mistakes. Those mistakes led to accidents.

Not only were they not engaged, but bored drivers often looked for ways to make driving more fun, even if those things weren’t legal. For example, some of them would intentionally break the speed limit. Driving at the right speed was boring, but going too quickly for conditions gave them the rush they wanted.

Finally, researchers found that distractions were a bigger issue for those who were bored. It makes sense. They were looking for anything else to occupy their time. If that meant paying attention to a text message, rather than the road, so be it.

Driving can get boring, especially when driving to work or school. That morning commute is the same every single day. Drivers tend to tune out after a while. They feel like they could make the drive in their sleep — and some of them basically are.

These bored, distracted drivers are a risk, though. As they devote their attention to things other than driving, they cause accidents that can injure or kill those forced to share the road with them. As boring as driving may feel, it’s still very dangerous. Those who are injured need to know if they have a right to financial compensation.