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In Georgia, expect an increase in DUI arrests this summer

by | Jun 28, 2017 | DUI

Every summer, Georgia law enforcement agencies step up their efforts to arrest drunk and drugged drivers. It’s an admirable idea; between Memorial Day and Labor Day, fatal car wrecks involving teenagers increase as much as 15 percent – and many of these accidents result from DUI. Unfortunately, the increase in arrests also means there’s a higher incidence of false or wrongful arrests. And those facing charges are often unsure how to assert their rights.

The southern and southeastern parts of the state will be affected most heavily

Roads in south and southeastern Georgia are, in particular, patrolled heavily. This is because of an ongoing collaboration – now in its 26th year – with Florida to reduce traffic deaths.

According to News Jax 4, “During the operation, drivers can expect increased police visibility on highways and byways. They can also expect multijurisdictional DUI checkpoints at various locations that have yet to be disclosed.”

Just this last weekend, an “increased law enforcement presence…in the form of state troopers and concentrated patrols put a number of drivers in jail, including several on DUI charges,” the Moultrie Observer reported. More arrests can be expected through the season.

What to do if you’re arrested

A DUI can have far-reaching and long-lasting effects. Those convicted will face heavy fines, jail time, and the suspension of their driver’s licenses. Many may be subject to professional or academic discipline.

As such, it’s important to work with a lawyer if you’ve been charged. Police, at times, overreach their authority when conducting roadside tests or carrying out an arrest; a qualified attorney will know how to investigate every aspect of a DUI charge, and determine whether misconduct occurred. Likewise, an attorney can help ensure your driving privileges, which is crucial to maintaining your day-to-day routines in the face of DUI allegations.

Being informed is the best protection

The vast majority of driver’s have little to worry about when passing by police checkpoints. But even those who’ve done nothing wrong may find themselves pulled over.

In all situations, it’s best to avoid acting rashly. Remain calm, and know when it’s time to ask for help.