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How a suspension in one state can affect your Georgia license

Just about every state refers to driving as a privilege, not a right. As such, each driver is held to high standards when it comes to their conduct behind the wheel. Everything from failing to yield to traffic to more serious crimes, like drinking and driving, can lead to consequences that can include fines and even the suspension of your license.

But because each state is allowed to draft its own laws concerning driver's licenses, a suspension in one state can raise a unique question in another state: Will the suspension in one state carryover to another state? Unfortunately, the answer to this question depends on where you live. 

The Driver License Compact (DLC)

Most states in our country adhere to the terms of the Driver License Compact (DLC), which permits participating states to share traffic violation and license suspension information with other participating states.

This means that what happens in one state doesn't necessarily stay in that state, particularly when it comes to traffic crimes. A license suspension in one state could very well affect your ability to get a new license in another state, which can be incredibly frustrating for commercial drivers who rely on their license to maintain their livelihood.

License suspension rules in Georgia

But what about here in Georgia? Are the circumstances the same? Unfortunately, the answer is yes. Even though Georgia is not a participating member of the DLC, we have laws in place that prohibit a person with a suspended license from obtaining a new license before the suspension period has ended or before the individual is able to get their driving privileges restored - even if that license was suspended in another state.

All is not lost for drivers who come to Georgia with an already suspended license. Our state does grant limited driving permits in some situations. In order to secure a permit, one must meet state specific guidelines and only use it for purposes outlined under state law.

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