Helping You Secure Critical SSD Benefits

If the Social Security Administration has denied your claim for disability benefits, all is not lost; there are several levels of appeal, and you are entitled to resubmit your application for review. Many deserving claimants are rejected the first time around.

After a claim denial, the best way to improve your chances of success and strengthen your claim is to speak with a knowledgeable local attorney. An experienced attorney like William Long Whitesell has successfully handled countless Social Security Disability appeals and helped many clients secure the benefits to which they are entitled.

Extensive Experience And Insider Knowledge

Our firm, William Long Whitesell, L.L.C., has a very high rate of success in Social Security matters because we combine skilled legal representation with unique insight into the Social Security Administration. Our staff includes a former hearing officer who adjudicated Social Security claims for 30 years. His years of experience and perspective help us anticipate potential issues in the claims process, address them proactively and structure your case for success.

Discuss Your Claim With A Skilled Lawyer

The law governing Social Security Disability claims and appeals is complex and nuanced, so it is of the utmost importance to retain a local law firm with nearly twenty years of experience in Social Security matters. If you have received a Social Security claim denial, attorney William Long Whitesell can review your claim, help you understand its strengths and weaknesses, and pursue your benefits appropriately.

There are time limitations for appealing a claim, so it is important to avoid delay in speaking to our attorneys. We offer a free initial consultation so there is no risk in learning more about your options for SSD appeals. Please send us an email or call our office in Valdosta, Georgia, at 229-244-9808.