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Most pedestrian accidents happen at low speeds

To better get an idea of how pedestrian accidents happen and what role vehicle speed plays in those accidents, researchers broke down the statistics and found that the majority of crashes were at relatively low speeds. A total of 422 accidents were examined and a full 280 of them happened when the cars were going under 20 mph.

Motorcycle safety tips for riders of all experience levels

Motorcycle safety is paramount when on the roads of Valdosta. Motorcycle riders are at a disadvantage because of the size of the bikes and how drivers of bigger vehicles have trouble seeing them. That's why drivers are told to look twice, save a life, for motorcycles. Here are some safety tips for motorcycle riders of all experience levels in Georgia.

New Takata airbag recall: Additional 2.7 mln inflators affected

Owners of Ford, Mazda and Nissan vehicles will want to take special care to ensure their airbags are not recalled, or if they are, that they take all the proper steps to ensure the problem is fixed right away. Unfortunately, that may not be as easy as it should be.

The breakdown of what a TBI settlement should offer

Have you ever considered the total cost of a traumatic brain injury? If you've never experienced a catastrophic injury such as this, the answer is probably no. You might not realize how expensive medical bills will be or how long-term care costs will add up. You may not even factor in costs that are less tangible, including loss of enjoyment and loss of companionship.

Drowsy or drunk: Both are bad, but is one worse than the other?

Seeing a vehicle in front of you swerve off of the road or into oncoming traffic can be a frightening occurrence because you know that if certain conditions were present, that driver could hit another vehicle and cause a serious or even fatal accident. But while most people assume that when this happens, the driver is intoxicated, it's equally as likely that they are fatigued and unfit to drive.