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Teen accidents linked to numerous factors

Teens are high-risk drivers. It's just a statistical fact -- and often a tragic one. For example, for kids between 14 years old and 19 years old, nothing takes more lives than car accidents.

It's not enough to point out that teens crash far more often than they should, however. It's important to look into the reasons why. What studies have found is that the whole thing can be rather complex, as there is often a web of factors that all work together. Some of these include:

  • Distractions, such as cellphones.
  • A serious lack of experience behind the wheel.
  • Overconfidence, despite that lack of experience -- or perhaps because of it.
  • Poor judgement and decision-making skills.
  • Peer pressure.
  • Brain development. The part of the brain that is in charge of impulse control doesn't develop as quickly as the part that controls reward-seeking behavior, so teens' brains simply are not developed enough for them to be safe and make wise choices.

Can you be arrested for impaired driving when you're sober?

You're probably thinking that the easiest way to avoid an impaired driving arrest is simple: Just don't drink or use drugs before getting behind the wheel. Then you'll never be arrested. Right?

Not so fast. Sober people have absolutely been arrested for impaired driving, something the police have the power to do.

Rush hour? No worries

Rush hour is without a doubt the most stressful time to be on the road. Whether you're heading into the office or checking out after a long day. The last thing you want is to be stuck in stop-and-go traffic.

Driving anxiety is at an all time high during peak travel hours. The increased volume of vehicles on the road coupled with nerve-racked drivers cutting you off and disobeying traffic laws is absurd. Just thinking about it fuels your road rage. And as tempting as it might be to fight back, you know it will only make matters worse.

Are speed traps entrapment?

A police officer pulls out from a hidden road, around a bend and behind a tree, lights flashing. You were speeding, and you blew right past him.

Now you're getting a ticket, but you're convinced it can't be legal. The police were essentially hiding and waiting for you to break the limit. Isn't that entrapment? Isn't entrapment illegal?

Common items can trigger drug tests

When police said they'd found drugs, you laughed it off. You knew you didn't have any illegal drugs in the house.

Then they got out a test kit, and the chemicals changed colors. They arrested you, saying that the test had shown you did have illegal drugs. Now you're facing serious charges and you can't believe it.

How are billboards still legal?

Billboards are everywhere. Digital billboards are a step up from older signage, and you can find both of them all along the highways in Georgia.

Perhaps you've never considered the legality of billboards before. You're used to them. You may think they're ugly or annoying, but you've never doubted their right to be there.

An ignition interlock device helps get your license back sooner

One of the hardest parts about facing DUI charges is that you lose your license. Driving is something that is so important in society, and so necessary to the way you live, that it's nearly impossible to get by without it.

For a first offense in Georgia, you may lose your license for as long as a year. Can you keep your job with no way to get there in the morning? Can you keep going to school? Can you even keep shopping for groceries and doing the other basic things you take for granted?

The threat of the bored driver

You hear a lot about the dangers posed by aggressive drivers. You hear about reckless drivers, those who enjoy driving and perhaps trust their own skill a bit too much.

But what about the bored driver? Some studies have found that they could be the most dangerous of all.

6 factors that indicate intent to distribute

You're not just facing minor drug charges. Police are saying you intended to distribute the drugs. That could lead to a strict sentence.

What you're wondering, then, is how they determined that you intended to sell the drugs. That's not what you told them; you may never have thought about it in your life. There are six different ways that police may arrive at the conclusion.

Georgia's Drivers Are Unusually Dangerous. And Labor Day Traffic Is Coming.

Georgia's drivers rank among the most dangerous in the nation. At least, a recent report in the International Business Times says so.

The article details a study conducted by a tech firm that sought to identify which states had the most dangerous drivers. Several criteria were considered, including DUI rates, the number of people killed in auto accidents, and the percentage of drivers carrying car insurance.

Our state's score was the tenth-worst in the country. This is, in no small part, due to the fact that nearly 30 people die on Georgia roads each week. That number typically escalates on holiday weekends. And so one wonders what protective measures the authorities may take as Labor Day approaches.